The unique pasta recipe of the legendary Sophia Loren

Here’s Sophia Loren’s special pasta recipe from her own cookbook

There is a belief that almost all celebrities, especially models constantly go on strict diets in order to keep themselves in shape, always look attractive and be accepted by the public. Meanwhile, this iconic woman was not among them.

According to Loren, she never had to limit herself to food and could easily afford cakes and even pasta.

It should be noted that one of his most beloved dishes is pasta.

Moreover, Sophia has her own unique recipe for pasta to cook which is even written in her cookbook.

And now we would like to share it with you and hope it will be helpful.

Spaghetti – (200-250g)

A little oil, butter


The skin of a lemon

Cream (20 percent)

Parmesan cheese


Fresh basilic

The process

Add butter with garlic

Add the lemon then the nutmeg

Pour the cream

Then goes the pasta

Salt and pepper

Cheer! A very tasty dish is ready!

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