The pitbull dog bravely fights a huge shark and saves the life of its owner

This incident happened on a California coast. James Whitey was fishing and his dog Darby was waiting for him in his car.

Suddenly the man felt something pulling him down.

James saw it was a huge shark, but he couldn’t get rid of it.

He started to call for help, because there was a fisherman a few hundred meters away.

But someone else came to her rescue. It was his dog Darby.

After hearing White scream, the pit bull managed to open one of the car doors and raced down the short hill to his owner.

Darby immediately lunged at the shark and bit off its gills, but this infuriated the sea animal even more and it sunk its teeth even deeper into White’s leg.

“And I said to him, ‘Don’t back down, Darby.’ So he grabbed it by the tail,” White told NBC Bay Area.

When Darby grabbed the sea monster’s tail, Whitey was able to free himself and swam to shore.

The man explains that without his heroic pit bull he couldn’t get rid of the aquatic enemy, that without Darby he would definitely lose his leg.

Whitey says he is very proud of his faithful and courageous dog and he is infinitely grateful to him for his dedication and boundless love.

“He was always faithful, from the start, Darby is a real member of the family. And now he’s more than a member,” Whitey said.

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