The nightlife of Tormund the cat, his owner installed a hidden camera in his room and this is what she filmed

Many cats are nocturnal, they sleep during the day and want to build fun hammocks at night. However, there is one kitten in particular that is very special. Aaron Brown had bought Tormund from a shelter before, and he was so active that he immediately thought to himself: This guy will never be bored. However, he didn’t expect so much.

From the first night, it was clear that he would not sleep well. Apparently the cat on the bed was chasing an invisible mouse. How else can this behavior be explained? As Aaron says himself, he now has trouble sleeping and has to chase after his tailed friend several times a night.

But he had no way of knowing how badly he was being treated until he installed a secret camera in his bedroom.

To do absolutely with the sound.

An adventurous ending. Still, Aaron doesn’t regret kidnapping Tormund. He will never be able to live without this cat again.

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