The man decided to build a house for his two cats and it turned out to be a real castle with a suspension bridge

Some owners like to spend a lot of money on their pets.

They think their darlings deserve to be well cared for and fed.

And if these people have a know-how to manufacture and tinker, then we can see real masterpieces prepared for their doggies and kitties.

An American named Rob Kutu decided to build houses for his two adorable kittens.

If hearing the word house, you imagine small niches, then this is not so.

Rob has made by his own hands, a real luxurious castle for his soft toys. The mansion is made up of two parts which are linked with a suspension bridge between them.

Before building this marvel for his lovely felines, Rob printed his details on a 3D printer.

The kittens were very happy with their unimaginable habitat and according to Rob Kutu, Zach, one of the cats, liked the houses so much that he decided to take both apartments without sharing them with his pal.

But the owner was happy for this decision. That meant he had succeeded.

If his love for kittens can be measured by what he is willing to do for them, then we can see that Rob adores his tailed friends.

It is an admirable residence whose windows are adorned with flowerpots and there are even lanterns everywhere.

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