The famous ballerina who weighs more than 100 kg destroys all stereotypes

Ballerina Tena Malanga is a real Brazilian star, weighing more than 100 kg and defying the stereotype of the dancer. She dyes her hair red and is jokingly called “bruscute”.

As a result, the dancer moves with real agility and great grace on stage, despite being overweight.

However, no one knows about Tenna. She was thin until a few years ago, and the few pounds she has put on are a result of her battle with cancer.

Dancing was her starting point and it kept her life on track.

Of course, she now has to work ten times harder to get results, but her perseverance and hard work have paid off. Strawberry is now a ballet sensation and a real Brazilian celebrity.

Today, Tena Maranga is a role model and inspiration to many women who fall short of beauty standards. A girl who learned to love and accept herself and ignore other people’s opinions. His story proves that anything is possible if you want it.

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