Man Found a Pleasant Way to Wake His Adorable Deaf-Blind Dog

Plum is the happiest dog in the world because he is a beloved pooch of his owner, Aidan Mann.

The dog was born deaf and blind and therefore requires more work to be cared for.

Plum has a favorite toy, a cute ball that is always with him. Aidan also has another dog named Lola.

“Plum and Lola hit it off right away and Lola quickly became his best friend,” Aidan shared on his Instagram page.

The man says that at first it was difficult for Plum and for him too, until the pooch got used to the apartment and the way of his life.

Although the puppy was born with problems, he does not like to be distinguished from other dogs and has a very habitual behavior.

And he is happy to have a loving and caring owner.

He loves to cuddle and his favorite place is wherever Aidan and Lola are.

And Aidan goes out of his way to make his adorable furry friend feel happy.

As Plum neither sees nor hears, at first its owner did not know how to wake him up. He tried a few ways that didn’t work.

The dog was even frightened by the caress. So Aidan came up with his way of waking up the pooch.

He lies down in front of Plum and blows very softly. The dog suddenly wakes up and runs to his master.

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