A story of the raccoon who returns to his adoptive mother to hug her.

Wild creatures can be friendly with people they care about. They are happy to welcome strangers into their lives. They protect their wonderful human creatures. Our raccoon was rescued when he was little.

If he hadn’t met warm people, he could have died. Robinson decided to raise this little creature until he was healthy enough to live in the wild. He needed a better life, she believed.

Robin was too preoccupied to take care of this animal, so he asked his mother to do it. As a result, Robinson’s mother took on the role of adoptive mother to the crocodile.

Linda was breastfeeding him with a bottle, and after two months he was a strong child! He had a close relationship with his owner and used to visit him to receive affection, hugs! Linda tried to raise other raccoons when she died, and they all formed a deep bond with her.

They were all eager to see their mother. She adores them, and the creatures frequently seek her out. It’s wonderful to see mature raccoons take a trip to their mother’s house!

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