A squirrel built a nest and brought his little squirrels, now instead of watching TV he disappears through the window

Squirrels are very agile and fearsome animals. This makes them very difficult to see in the wild. If they see a human or hear a sudden noise, they immediately hide in the depths. If you really want to see them, go to a zoo.

On the other hand, one man was very lucky. A squirrel was huddled outside his window. And now he can see how his family lives at all times. Besides, his life is so interesting that you could spend hours in front of the window.

Thanks to this brave man, we can see this magnificent phenomenon. He filmed a short video about the life of our new neighbors and their children. Sure, it’s not appropriate to spy on strangers, but when the kids are so cute, it’s hard to resist.

The squirrel sleeping under the blanket is too cute.

How cute is the squirrel sleeping next to you. Squirrels are generally thought of as mischievous, but in this video you’ll get to know them from a different perspective.

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