Watch This Giant Bear To Find Out What He Does When He Sees Mostly Women

There are several species of animals that are very understanding and highly intelligent, including wild creatures.

For example, the elephant, the lion or the bear which are giants and have a fierce air, but which sometimes surprise humans with their capacity and their ability to act.

They can even create funny moments.

Here is an adorable giant bear. This brown plantigrade weighs almost 150 kilos. He lives in the Olympic Game Farm animal reserve in Washington where there are animals of different species.

In their natural Washington habitat, the animals feel free and at ease.

The refuge is very often visited by tourists, animal admirers who can see these creatures in close-up.

But the interaction between this giant bear and humans is surprising and very special.

In particular, he likes to contact with women. Travelers noticed that this huge cutie is not at all indifferent to the female half of humanity.

One woman managed to capture the amazing and amusing moments when the mischievous furry friend made bizarre signs to get her attention and not just hers, but other women too.

These surprising photos make everyone smile. It really is a comical situation.

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