The baby received a hearing aid and for the first time she heard her sister’s voice. This reaction is priceless

A young mother from Georgia has shared a very touching video on social media where her little girl hears her sister’s voice for the first time.

According to the woman, her daughter was born prematurely. A week later, she receives a disappointing diagnosis: necrotizing enterocolitis, bowel and stomach disease. The child had to be treated with antibiotics, which led to the fact that the baby lost his hearing.

At such a young age, it is difficult to determine how well a girl can hear. And the parents decided to buy a hearing aid and see the difference in how she perceives the environment. The result surprised everyone. The very first emotions of the child with the device were filmed and the mother published it online.

The older sister said to her: “Little sister, Little sister…”.

The baby is alert at first, listens attentively, then bursts out laughing. Imagine all the happiness and beautiful emotions that everyone feels there! It’s indescribable!

“I smile through the tears. It was the first time she heard something clearly, true, – explained Carol later. ― It was such a joy! She has become much more active and is trying to talk more. We can simply say that the device had a great impact on her.”

Users really cried after watching the video. It’s so touching and moving!

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