She raised two orphan cubs, then had to give them to a zoo. Years later they reunited

Animals know how to be grateful. They never forget kindness and remember those who cared for, helped, treated and nurtured them throughout their lives. No matter how much time has passed, the animals can still recognize their rescuers. They remember love, kindness and compassion. Everyone knows that dogs are grateful and remember kindness, but that’s not unique to dogs. Chimpanzees, gorillas, bears and lions or two lions can all be grateful.

Today we tell you the amazing story of a woman who rescued two orphaned lion cubs seven years ago. They were fed, maintained and cared for, but the predatory birds were increasing in number and the lady was unable to provide them with a good living environment. So she donated the cubs to a zoo in Switzerland.

The two adult birds were then transported to a special lion park in Slovakia. There they lived freely in a large space with their brothers. It was in this park that they had a touching encounter. It was the first time she had seen her babies after being away from them for so long.

She was very nervous and wondered if the two adult kidnappers would remember her. She watched in dismay as the feral cats approach the fence. After a few minutes, the lion recognized his mother and rushed towards her. What a hug! It’s love. It’s gratitude.

This is how animals know love.

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