One-eared pup is causing a social media sensation: his looks make him famous

This one-eared pup is causing an internet sensation. His appearance has made him one of the most famous puppies in the world.

Despite his weird looks, his present owner, the vet who cured him, is proud of his four-legged friend and gives him all the warmth of his heart.

His name is Diamond and his appearance is the result of a chance accident. Her mother accidentally bit her ear and the baby was left with one ear.

We took him to a veterinary clinic. The pup survived, luckily he had no other health issues.

The clinic veterinarian wanted to adopt the baby. Her dog recently died of cancer.

The doctor took the baby home. His family immediately bonded with the dog, especially his little girl rejoiced.

All the family members looked after him, fed him and cleaned him. In short, the family was very attentive to Diamant.

The pup began to recover very quickly, but it was noticed that his single ear had moved out of place and “settled” high in the forehead.

Everyone was surprised by this transformation. But, the ear really served its purpose.

His owner, the veterinarian, said that there was nothing to worry about, because the puppy was in good health.

And with his hearing too, everything was fine, because he reacted to all orders.

Now the puppy has grown up and lives happily among very kind people.

Especially his dad, the veterinarian adores him and does everything necessary for him.

Diamond has become famous in social networks. Everyone admires her photos and looks so cute.

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