Friendship from a distance: the penguin travels thousands of kilometers every year to see its savior

A 71-year-old fisherman, João Pereira de Souz, once found a weak, weak penguin on the beach. It looked like the wretched bird had hit an oil slick and could barely breathe. It was covered in a black liquid. The caring man had no choice but to take the necessary creature home and tend to him. And when Dindim (as the man called the gentle) was fully recovered, he was released to his natural land. The fisherman then continued with his normal life.

But what a shock he felt after a few months when he again noticed the already adult Dindim in front of his house! The penguin was in perfect health and he returned to his savior to thank him for having helped him.

Now, every year from June to February, Dindim visits his friend and spends time with him, then returns to his natural habitat. It’s really amazing to learn that this adorable creature has not forgotten the one who saved him and comes to show him his gratitude.

The adorable creature doesn’t let anyone near her except her friend. He fully counts on him, he loves being in his arms. He considers man as his best companion. It’s even more amazing when you see its savior, the bird wags its tail and lets out a happy cry like a dog.

He travels thousands of kilometers to Brazil, to spend the 8-9 months with his rescuer. What a strong relationship can be created between a human and an animal!

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