Dachshund dog is adored by his 84-year-old grandmother: It’s an incredibly sweet relationship

Becki is the owner of a dachshund dog named Sally. Sally is Nana’s favorite grandson.

And if you ask Nana who her most adorable grandchild is, the grandmother will answer without hesitation that it’s Sally.

There is an incredibly sweet special affection between Nana and Sally, this pup with folded ears and an oversized hanging body.

Although Sally is not a human, he is a creature that Grandma has fallen in love with forever.

Sally lives with Nana’s granddaughter, Becki, and they visit Grandma two or three times a week.

Each time, when they arrive, the doggie enters first. He immediately runs towards Nana, lies down on her knees so that she can rub his belly and give him kisses.

They exchange hugs and it’s fantastic moments for both of them.

In such moments, Nana becomes a soul filled with caress and tenderness who only knows how to cajole.

This sweet friendship they have made fills their hearts and makes them inseparable.

Each time when they meet, they stay together until they are separated.

After having taken her coffee, Nana likes to contemplate the birds, sitting on a chair and Sally is always next to her.

Becki shared this wonderful story with The Dodo channel and people admired their wonderful relationship.

Since Nana and Sally meet two or three times a week, they make video calls to be together as often as possible.

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