A bereaved dog regains his joy of living thanks to a surprise from his owner

Reese and Morgan were two 12 year old dogs.

Amy Thatcher had adopted them from the shelter and from then on, the doggies were inseparable.

But, when Morgan died of an illness, Reese fell into deep distress.

His owner did everything for Reese to get over his grief. A year passed and the dog still couldn’t forget his pain.

“I prepared special dog food and slept on the floor next to him.

I even fostered puppies for a while, because Reese loves babies. But it was all pointless,” Amy told The Dodo.

Eventually, the woman decided to adopt a new companion for Reese.

So Amy contacted a shelter to find a four-legged friend for her pooch.

When Amy met Jeep, a cheerful one-year-old puppy, she immediately fell in love with this wonder.

The little puppy greeted her with great gaiety and lay down on her lap.

When Amy took Jeep home, it was an incredible surprise for Reese. He did not imagine such a gift, because Jeep really pleased him.

Reese had a real crush.

Thanks to his new friend, Reese forgot his sadness and changed completely.

Soon Reese will be 14, but he loves playing with his little brother Jeep. Amy was happy to see the two doggies find their canine happiness.

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