this is how designer Vera Wang looks at 30 at 73

Here are the beauty secrets of Vera Wang who manages to look 30 to 73

Legendary fashion designer Wang is famous not only for her great talent and skill, but also for her unearthly beauty and “ageless” appeal.

In June, the wedding dress designer turned 73, while the iconic woman managed to look 25.

Looking at her photos taken at the Presecco party, the gorgeous diva looks no older than 25.

It goes without saying that not every 73-year-old woman can be brave enough to show up in mini-shorts, fashionable tops and glamorous streaks. Amazingly, no wrinkles were seen on her skin.

A lot of people wonder how the woman has maintained her gorgeous figure by looking well-groomed and much younger right now.

All the celeb has said about her secrets to “ageless” beauty is that she works out regularly and sleeps well.

According to Wang, regular sleep is one of the most basic factors.

The seamstress is not limited to food. She just tries to eat mostly healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, rice, and salmon.

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