The rescued little fox and a friendly bulldog become inseparable and form a real friendship

It’s like in a Disney movie: the dog and the cub have become friends.

Pauline Ashanolla rescued this two-week-old baby fox. She called him Marley.

Pauline’s bulldog, Ernie was very fond of the little fox and they formed an inseparable friendship.

“They get along great and do everything together,” Ernie and Marley’s adoptive mom told Kingdomstv.

When the woman sheltered the baby fox, she had no idea how her dogs would greet the animal of another species.

When Pauline picked up the cub, he was very scared. The woman did not find a shelter that could accommodate the baby.

Pauline, who always came to the rescue of the animals, decided to treat him herself.

“Marley was so scared when I found her, she was covered in ticks.

I don’t think she would survive if she had been found a little later.

At first the pooch Ernie didn’t like Marley, but gradually he started to get used to his presence and to sleep next to him,” Pauline said of her bulldog’s first reaction.

Shortly after, a beautiful friendship was woven between these two animals.

They couldn’t live without each other. They became inseparable and spent their time together, going for walks and doing everything together.

And that was very unlikely, because dogs are also bred to hunt foxes. But Ernie and Marley’s incredible friendship has become like that of fairy tales.

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