The man found a cool way to wake up his deaf-blind dog. This is so cute!

If you have pets, you know exactly that everyone needs individual treatment. Especially if the animal differs from its relatives and is sick.

American Aidan Mann has a dog named Plam, unfortunately she was born deaf and visually impaired so it’s not easy with her.

And when, for example, a dog is sleeping, you have to tell him when it’s time to wake up. At first, the guy couldn’t adapt to this, because Plam can’t hear a voice, and if you touch her, she’s very scared. Therefore, Aidan has always found his own method unusual and rather cute.

Plam became the man’s second house dog with a friend named Lola. Of course, caring for Plam is very different from caring for a normal, healthy dog.

Aidan is often asked how he wakes his dog. This moment turned out to be the first problem the guy faced. At first he tried to pet her lightly, but even the gentlest touch scared the dog away. Then he found another way. He put a piece of candy under his nose, but it turned out to be a failure.

So the perfect way has been found! Aidan lies down in front of the dog, then very lightly blows his nose. The dog wakes up and immediately runs to the owner.

It’s a really fun and delicious way for the sweet pet. She loves it and the treatment she gets from her beloved owner. Aidan adores her too and finds every possible way to make her life beautiful and happy.

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