The guy bought the sick leopard cub from the zoo. Now this handsome man lives at home

30-year-old Alexander from Yekaterinburg has become popular thanks to his unusual pet. A man raises a beautiful leopard.

The man raises it from an early age. The man worked in a zoo and took care of the crumb. The baby missed a lot of parents and began to refuse to eat. The baby started to get sick.

During this period, the zoo closed. The animals were not needed by anyone and the sick kitten was threatened with death. Caesar’s baby was saved by Alexander. The young man redeemed the crumb.

The man cured him, redid a room in his apartment under a comfortable aviary that corresponds to the needs of the animal. The man tries to provide the animal with everything it needs. Caesar quickly found a common language with the guy, and their relationship is a real strong friendship. They spend a lot of time together.

They have lived together for three years. But, man believes that a predator is not a pet for everyone. He has experience in communicating with wild animals, he takes into account the features of the character of a wild cat, trains a leopard, takes care of its development, upbringing. The man didn’t do it for fun, he just saved an animal that might die. In his situation, there was no way out and now it is daily and difficult work. The man consciously made this choice, he understands that it is for many years, it is constant care.

Now this couple is very popular on the Network. César often takes part in photo shoots.

The beautiful leopard admires her beauty and docile character.

Alexander does not forget for a moment that his friend is a predator. Every movement of a man controlled.

The man did a noble deed. But it is better to repeat it than the pros!

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