The baby was so sick that his parents bought him a coffin: Noah accepts all of life’s challenges to reach his second birthday despite being born with a minimal amount of brain

A sick baby accepts all of life’s challenges to survive, even though he was born with a tiny amount of brain. And the little one will soon be two years old.

During her pregnancy, Shelly Wall discovered that the child in her womb had several health problems, specifically, rare chromosomal abnormalities, a condition called split thorn and also fluid on the brain.

Doctors said that the baby may not survive and offered the spouses to terminate the pregnancy.

But despite it all, Mrs. Wall at 42, and her husband Rob at 48, have never given up hope.

And now, two years later, Noah continues to amaze doctors.

“We were still hoping and Noah got lucky. From now on, we really try to give him a life as normal as possible, we consider him as an ordinary child, ”said Ms. Wall.

Only 2% of the child’s brain works.

Noah can eat on his own. The child can perform not difficult actions, for example, open and close the door, turn on and off the light. He also knows the names of animals.

He can choose and even sing. It’s unbelievable. His appearance does not speak of his illness, and soon Noah will reach his second birthday.

After so many serious illnesses, little Noah is trying to survive and his parents are doing everything possible to ensure that the child is alive and develops physically and mentally.

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