Nobody wanted to take a deaf pup, deaf guy got her and saw now they are family!

No one wanted to take a deaf puppy to the shelter. The poor little one has already despaired of finding a home, but he was lucky. A guy who has not heard since childhood learned that there was such a dog in a shelter and decided that they were made for each other. This is how misfortune united them. Everyone has found a faithful friend, warmth and love! They live happily and communicate in sign language. An incredible story for good humor!

In February 2019, an article about a small black Labrador puppy was published on the website of the NFR Maine animal shelter, in the state of Maine, in the United States. The crumb was taken by volunteers, it was in poor condition.

“He’s an adorable Black Labrador — Emerson puppy, and he’s a real fighter. Crumb only 8 weeks old, and he is already fighting desperately for life. The baby has cramps and he does not eat or drink.
Now he is engaged in vets, and we are trying to help collect him for treatment. The baby is under the dropper, he is preparing to take tests to diagnose the disease. The treatment is still estimated at $850. If you can donate any amount, we will be grateful.”

It turned out that the baby has parvovirus enteritis. The volunteers were already preparing for the worst, but were fighting for his recovery. The crumb spent a whole week in the clinic and was able to beat the disease. But after the illness, the poor baby lost his hearing and his vision deteriorated significantly. Those who want to shelter such a dog was not…

The shelter posted a weekly post about finding the owner, but no one came looking for him. After a while, Nick Abbott discovered The Baby and became interested in the dog. The thing is, Nick hasn’t heard since he was born. The guy realized it was fate and decided to go for cover.

The dog immediately understood that he had come to get him. Emerson himself approached Nick sitting on his leg and remained seated. He chose his man himself, feeling the heart. Now they live together and the guy trains the dog using sign language.

Emerson learned to perform the command “Sit” — to do this, Nick used the letter s from sign language. Then he mastered the “lying” team and others.

The couple became famous thanks to a touching story and an unusual education. Now the whole world knows about them!

This is how misfortune unites two lonely hearts. Look how happy they are to find each other!

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