Victoria Beckham’s classic outfit with purple shoes sparked controversial opinions on the network

Beckham’s classic look with eye-catching heels didn’t escape anyone’s attention

Beckham has been running her own clothing business for over 10 years which are sold by celebrities like Gaga, Meghan Markle and others.

The businesswoman is considered the icon of style and femininity and every appearance in public becomes a sensation. Like any other woman, she also has her own taste and style of clothing: medium-sized dresses, pants with masculine jackets.

When appearing in public, Victoria mostly prefers to wear clothes in white, black, gray and red, while her recent appearance was an exception. The woman wore a white blouse, black pants and velvet high heels.

Her extraordinary look raised many questions and did not escape anyone’s attention. Some people considered the outfit fashionable, while others assumed it was the result of lack of taste.

While not too long ago, Mr Markle appeared in a classic outfit with accent shoes which also caused a storm of discussions on the web.

It is needless to mention that shoes are an essential part of every outfit, which makes it better or worse.

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