Almost unbelievable moment: the conductor stops the train to save a stray dog

Often, stray animals end up on the railways.

Sometimes the conductors stop the train and pick up the animal, although the travelers are late at their destination.
But there are cases whose results can be sad. We don’t stop the locomotive and the dog or the cat remain crushed on the rails.

Fortunately, for a train driver in Santiago, Chile, there is no second choice and he has never killed an animal on his way.

It was an ordinary day and the train staff went about their daily work.

Seeing a dog in front of the train, the driver quickly stopped the vehicle. He climbed down himself and approached the frightened dog.

He called the animal, but the pooch didn’t move. The chef de train was able to gain the doggie’s trust and gently reached out to him so as not to be bitten.

Then the man grabbed him with the help of another railroad worker and they took him away from the tracks.

After getting back on the train, the conductor apologized for the delay and said the following words: “I can never bruise a

dog.” And the passengers on the train applauded him a lot. The train driver was the hero of the day.

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