A selection of photos of the most beautiful African girls. Inimitable and bright!

Beauty is a common thing. Beauty standards are different in different countries and cultures. But still, it is possible to present a common standard. One exception: African women.

In African countries, different tribes have their own beauty standards. For example, in the Samburu tribe, a beautiful woman is a bald woman, the Masai tribe has a beautiful woman – a woman with round shapes (because the humanitarian situation there is difficult, such women must be counted), the Mursi tribe has a beautiful woman – a woman who has implanted a plate in her lower lip (for wild Europeans), etc.

But still, in the 21st century, Africa is no longer a wild continent, where there are also models, beauty queens, beautiful actresses, singers, etc., to the taste of ordinary people, Europeans .

African women in general are potentially all beautiful by nature. They have thick hair, decent facial features, expressive eyes, no skin issues. And these African women who take care of themselves, or rather who have the possibility, become popular both in their country and abroad.

This is a selection of photos of beautiful and bright representatives of the fair sex, who conquered the network with one look.

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