A new Sleeping Beauty: no one can remain indifferent to the beauty of Aurora

We present to you the adorable queen Aurora. No one can remain indifferent to her fantastic beauty.

Aurora is a charming kitten, a cute kitty.

She is a new Sleeping Beauty, as she is named after the heroine of this magnificent tale.

She looks like a real queen and this admirable cat has become very famous on social networks.

This kitten lives in Sweden and its owners Emily and Niclasse are very proud to have such a pretty pet that you can admire endlessly.

With her big blue eyes, she has taken over the internet.

“Aurora understands that she is very beautiful and her behavior proves that.

She likes to do whatever queens do. Aurora loves to eat, sleep and be petted.

She is a very intelligent and very devoted cat like a dog, which rarely happens in cats,” Aurora’s owners met.

The cutie likes to play with others, but pays a lot of attention to her owners who adore their charming queen.

The adorable kitty also likes to be spoiled and cuddled all the time.

And people adore the lovely mimi and treat her like a queen.

Truly, it is wonderful to stroke this beautiful creature and admire its mesmerizing beauty!

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