Two kittens without a family and an orphan goat form the most beautiful of friendships

The friendship between different species of animals is a wonderful thing and at the same time a very surprising truth.

These events took place in Australia, in Victoria, at the Edgar Mission Shrine.

Here, two abandoned kitties and an orphan goat Fifi have forged an incredible and delicious relationship.

When Fifi lost her mother, the goat, the volunteers rescued her from a meat farm.

She was taken to the sanctuary’s Snow Leopard and Snow Tiger shelter where there were two mischievous kittens who only played together and had no other friends.

Like all newborns, the little Fifi goat liked to rummage around.

She liked the two cute kittens and the friendship between this trio grew more and more.

Edgar’s Mission founder Pam Ahern told Dodo: “When Fifi wasn’t at the shelter yet, the kittens were teasing and very demanding.

But then there was a drastic change and now they have struck up a beautiful friendship. »

Pam further describes that the kittens were very worried and just wanted to tear up everything around them.

And now, when Fifi arrived, those fluffy balls like to purr all the time.

The fluffy mimis demand to be cuddled by Fifi and kissed by the shelter volunteers.

This unlikely friendship surprises and melts the hearts of the shelter staff and everyone who learns of this beautiful story.

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