After his wife died, he planted 6,000 oak trees in front of the house. It wasn’t until 20 years later that everyone understood why…

Love is all around us – in movies, music and books – but not everyone finds love in reality. People understand this sad reality and settle for less, while others spend their entire lives looking for one person. The protagonist of this story, however, is this rare exception.

Winston and Janet love each other too much!

During all these years, no one has ever seen them fight as a couple. They were truly a perfect and loving couple.

However, she died due to illness. After that, the husband started planting trees. All the neighbors thought it was something he did to drown his sorrows and forget himself for a while. Nobody was interested in his hobby.

He planted 6,000 seedlings on a plot of land near Janet and Winston’s house.

Twenty years later, a neighbor flying a nearby hot air balloon saw something startling. In the middle of the forest was a big heart of beautiful daffodils.

Winston, of course, wanted his wife to see that heart from heaven. And when the leaves wither, his love will remain. Winston’s success story surprises even the skeptics who think love doesn’t exist.

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