A pregnant woman met a pregnant stray cat: the woman thought it was a special sign

Lauren worked at an animal shelter and always came to the rescue of four-legged friends.

But since she was pregnant, Lauren decided to put her job on hold to prepare for the delivery.
One day, the pregnant woman met a stray white cat.

Lauren and her husband found Dove injured and exhausted near the parking lot.

Lauren learned that Dove was a stray cat who had been rummaging through dumpsters near a nearby cafe for over a year.

Seeing Dove’s big belly, the woman realized that the beautiful cat was pregnant. Lauren drove her home without hesitation.

The two big-bellied moms comforted each other, warmed each other up, and even secretly agreed to have their babies on the same day!

Soon Lauren gave birth to a baby girl and she named her Kelly.

As they hugged newborn Kelly at the hospital, the couple cried with joy.

And when Lauren came home with the child, she discovered that a big surprise was waiting for her at home.

Dove also delivered her babies. All six kittens were true wonders and thankfully in great shape.

Lauren was taking care of her baby and her cute kittens. Surrounded by these little miracles, the woman felt happy.

In one of the posts on her Facebook page, Lauren said: “Animals are always important to me, and I think all living things on earth have an emotional depth that is perhaps so deep that we do not imagine. .

I take care of all these kittens so that they are safe. And I hope my children will be like me in the future! ”

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