A girl who was born with one arm has found her soul mate: it’s a three-legged dog

There are many stories that tell us about the beautiful friendships formed between humans and animals.

The one-handed baby girl befriended the dog. It is a sweet and sincere relationship.

Ella Peggie who lives in Queensland, Australia, was born without her left arm.

But she found her soul mate, the charming three-legged dog, Snowy, with whom she was able to overcome all the obstacles that arose in her life.

These two adorable creatures were born in the same year. They were surely born for each other since it was a surprising coincidence.

Thanks to this amazing coincidence, with her darling doggie, they will be able to tackle the difficulties of the future.

Ella Peggie was born with one arm. This disease is called amniotic band syndrome.

Her mom Brooke Hodgson was worried about her daughter’s mental state.

One day, she came across an ad on social media that featured a white Boston terrier dog. But the puppy only had three legs.

Snowy lived in an animal sanctuary. The wife thought it was an ideal choice for Ella and she bought it.

And now the girl and the dog support each other.

At first, Ella felt a little scared, but soon after, they bonded forever to comfort each other.

Waking up each morning, the little girl asks about her puppy.

Everyone notices that Snowy’s presence is very effective for Ella’s mental state.

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