The twins with the unusual eyes are eight years old. This is how they are now!

Stephanie Boyd has given birth to twins. Their names are Morgan and Megan. Their bizarre appearance has become known around the world.

The girls are now eight years old and taking their first small steps into the fashion world.

They’re like two eyes in a capsule, but Morgan is different. His eyes are also different, blue and brown.

Many members of Morgan’s family were born with similar differences. Her uncle and aunt have different eyes. Also, when she saw her newborn daughter with heterochromia, her mother was not at all worried.

Stephanie started posting photos of themselves on Instagram. Currently, his account account has a lot of followers. People are stunned by Morgan and Megan’s angelic expressions.

When they were four years old, they started shooting a commercial for children’s clothing brand Neon Kisses.

Many netizens believe that Morgan and Megan look like famous singer Rihanna.

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