The story of a little orphan kitten who found a large and friendly family

The events in this story took place in Arizona. A nice man discovered a litter of kittens in his garden, all of whose babies were dead except for one.

And he kept meowing. The man kept the little cutie at his house and in the morning he contacted the local shelter Jin’s Bottle Babies Rescue.

The little ball was taken away. The kitten was almost two days old. We called her Mrs. Norris.

“The baby is lively and has a strong will to overcome difficulties, it is believed that the danger has already diminished,” a volunteer told Love Meow.

The staff members were very fond of this fluffy baby, and his purring was caressing their hearing. The kitten was adored especially by a dog, named Ava.

The tiny mimi ate with great appetite the formula milk for kitten.

But since it wasn’t real mother’s milk, the kitten had intestinal problems.

Thanks to his love of life, the baby conquered the disease. He was gaining strength and growing quite quickly.

In the shelter there were other baby kittens too and Mrs Norris made friends with her fluffy siblings. They cuddled and played all the time.

“When we introduced Mrs. Norris to the kittens, she was very well received by her feline friends.

And they made a great friendship,” the volunteer told Love Meow.

Ava, the adoptive mother of all the kittens, loved little Mrs. Norris best and cared for him as if he were her baby.

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