Cute video shows squirrel having lunch with deer family

The animal world never ceases to amaze us when it comes to unusual friendships. However, there are stories that one simply cannot believe. Fortunately, this time we have a cute video that looks like a scene from a fairy tale!

This cute video shows a young chipmunk eating with two adorable friends, a female and her chick, as if they were members of the family. Deer Trail Company photographed an unusual image in a Minnesota forest.

The short begins with a small chipmunk feasting on a table of nuts. But after a few moments, a young fawn and its mother approach the table, attracted by the smell of delicious food.

What happens next looks like a real Disney scene. The three animals feast together like a happy family.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see such delightful scenes in the future, as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has declared that it is no longer permitted to intentionally leave food for wildlife, especially deer.

“Deer feeding and attracting bans are in effect statewide to prevent concentrations of wild deer in areas at higher risk of disease,” the Department of Natural Resources said on its website.

“These bans are precautionary measures enacted by the DNR after deer tested positive for chronic wilt on wildlife and deer farms.

However, we still have this absolutely amazing video, along with many others that Deer Trail has posted before. See how these three adorable and unexpected friends show how important it is to share!

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