An admirable shih tzu becomes an assistance and comfort dog for patients in a mental health unit

According to experts, pets instinctively comfort and support their owners.

And assistance dogs are specially prepared to meet the needs of different patients. Their help can be as physical, as well as psychological.

Adorable puppy Minnie helps patients at a psychiatric hospital.

The mistress of this adorable shih tzu, Lisa Whittle is an employee in this psychiatric care unit called The Harbour.

The clinic is located in Blackpool, England. It is founded and run by the South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust and Lancashire.

Lisa, being a health assistant, trained her puppy Minnie to provide care and comfort to people who do not have their own dog.

“She is a very special dog, a very sweet and very cute pet.

From birth, I understood that she is an extraordinary pooch with incredible abilities.

I was sure she would be a wonderful therapy dog,” Minnie’s adoptive mum told the Mirror.

But for Minnie to officially start her duties, Lisa and Minnie had to undergo very intensive training.

They followed very effective dressage courses.

“Before we got to work, we did everything we could to help Minnie develop her service dog skills.

As early as the spring of 2022, the Shih Tzu Minnie took up her post at the mental health clinic. Once a week, the dog comforts and consoles not only the sick, but the caregivers as well.

It makes their life easier and helps patients to overcome their stress and depression.

His presence is very favorable for the whole clinic.

Lise declares that she is enormously proud for her exceptional pooch.

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