2-year-old girl becomes a deaf puppy’s best friend

When adopting a dog, many families are looking for the perfect puppy. They want their new puppy to be responsive, playful and attentive.

But what about a dog that may not be perfect? Shrike, who is deaf, was lucky enough to be taken in by a loving family who gave her the care she needed. As Shrike is unable to command with her voice, her foster family faces unique challenges. What type of house would suit Moz.

Raised and trained by other foster families, Shrike is a good listener and has few hearing problems. Especially when it was noticed by a two-year-old girl on her usual walk.

Not only does two-year-old Lilian love dogs, but she especially enjoys sweet, friendly dogs like Shrike. From that moment, they formed an unbreakable bond. In the two weeks since she started caring for Shrike, the bond between Lilian and Shrike has grown stronger and stronger. As Lilian and Shrike’s relationship grows stronger, Shrike finds her own way of communicating and becomes inseparable.

After his last vaccination, Shrike was finally given to Lilian and her family and became a member of their household. With Lilian by her side, Shrike’s future is certainly bright.

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