White Bear Cub Spotted Winking At Camera, Drives The Internet Crazy With Its Kindness

White bears, also called polar bears, are very extravagant animals. Although they are not professional models, they are not afraid of the cameras.

These wild, yet talented creatures try to pose for the camera, creating fantastic images for us that can be admired all the time.

These photos are going viral on the internet, fixing our attention on the protection of fauna and flora.

The hero of our story, the white bear cub, is only 14 weeks old.

This little one was filmed hopping on the cliffs, playing hide and seek, tasting his favorite fish and studying the environment with interest.

These wonderful moments were captured in Munich, at Hellabrunn Zoo.

It is obvious that the fluffy plantigrade is lively and energetic and not only that.

But imagine, this mischievous baby winked at the camera! And it melts everyone’s heart!

Zoo director Rasem Baban said the tiny cub weighs only 8.4 kilograms, but is quite active and full of zeal.

This friendly white bear cub is the third baby of his mother bear, named Giovanna who is 10 years old.

The cub has a 3-year-old brother and sister, who in 2016 were taken to England and the Netherlands.

And now, being his mother’s only child, he fully collects all maternal love and tenderness.

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