Photos that prove that the faithfulness and kindness of animals delight

Pets are our most loyal and closest friends. They give love, tenderness, affection and support. They will never give up, betray, forget… Such images will give a sea of ​​positive and warmth.

The owner fainted in the street, the dog did not abandon him…

The dog warmed the owner for 24 hours so that he did not freeze and die

My husband is sick. These are his doctors)

After a hard day at school, my daughter silently hugs our dog. She is going better.

Grandpa’s dog was with him until his last breath!

male solidarity

So they watch TV

Chappy is scared of hospitals, but our son won’t quit and is ready to comfort him even under those terrible sounds

It’s already a family

Our friends’ dog doesn’t leave a crumb for a moment!

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