Everyone walked past the old man lying on the ground. Only the dog fought to save his master

Today we are going to share a very touching story that happened in Costa Rica.

In one of the streets of this town, a dog was running down the road barking loudly and trying to attract attention. Many drivers did not understand what was happening and, outraged that a dog was running down the road, they swerved to avoid it.

Eventually a worried man stopped to see what was going on. The dog immediately began to walk away. The driver had to pursue the animal for several hundred meters. The dog quickly stopped and the driver had to drive several hundred meters before seeing what was happening: a man was on the side of the road. A passerby took him for a drunk and literally ran over the man.

When the ambulance came to pick up the old man, the dog jumped into the car with him, but dared not try to pull him out.

Finally feeling better, the man was able to tell them his name was George. That day, while walking around town with Chiquita, he suddenly felt ill. He felt sick to his stomach and eventually passed out.

Without Chiquita’s sacrifice, the person could have died. Fortunately, everything went well.

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