A 60-year-old woman, who feared her husband would leave her, went to a stylist – a result she hadn’t expected.

A new haircut can completely transform your face, emphasizing different parts of your features.

The past year has been tough for Mary Johnson. She knew that if she didn’t make the decision to change her life, she would fall into a deep depression.

Mary told her husband that she was literally devastated and that her grandchildren’s support was the only thing that saved her. She had a lot of bad experiences last year, including the loss of her mother. In addition, her husband’s attitude had become cold and she feared that he would leave her.

In the end, her husband and grandchildren, who had come to support Mary, had no idea who she was. And they understood…

We like to think Mary’s outward transformation will help her overcome the beatings she’s taken, life goes on!

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