98-year-old lady bonds with an owl who visits her daily: she says the owl is a sign of something deeper

Usually, owls are considered mysterious beings.

The hoot of this night owl and its inscrutable gaze sometimes make people shudder.

This 98-year-old grandmother, whose name is Ranna, believes that the assistance of owls in her life has a very deep meaning.

She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Even at her respectable age, Granny Ranna enjoys making friends. This time she befriended an owl.

The bird visits him almost every day. The lady thinks the owl’s arrival is a special prediction from the heavens.

She believes the bird is a message from her late husband.

Shai Ward, Ranna’s granddaughter, was surprised by this unlikely relationship between the nocturnal bird and her grandmother.

Shai filmed incredible moments of their meeting.

We see in the video that Shai greets the owl from the hallway entrance: “Look, it’s my grandmother’s daily visitor. Hello, owl. »

The bird blinks its eyes as a sign of hello.

“This guy visits my grandmother as often as possible,” continues Shai. Then the owl nods majestically.

“But we think it may be my grandfather. And why not? said Ranna’s granddaughter.

The owl looks at her and remains silent.

Shai told Good News Network that her grandparents loved and respected each other very much and were inseparable friends.

She really thinks it’s eternal love!

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