We can surely fall in love with this adorable wild cat called the caracal

There are probably few people who know about this wild animal with amazing and captivating eyes.

People are very interested in big cats like tiger, lions, leopard, etc. But there is also an admirable creature that deserves the attention of humans.

It’s the caracal, a very cute wild cat. This endearing predator is a little larger than the cat.

His ears are adorned with very fine tassels. Its extraordinary appearance will melt everyone’s hearts.

The natural habitat of this predatory cat is the desert. Here, he feels completely free.

When we see its image, we think it is a lynx.

But no, the caracal is much more delicious, with homogeneous colors that change according to their habitat.

The bright reddish hues blend with the pale beige and it’s very pleasing to the eye.

The word caracal comes from the Turkish language. “Karakulak” literally translates as “black ears”.

If there are trees, then the caracals can settle there or else, they dig burrows to live there.

The animals’ foods include birds, rodents and rabbits.

There is a false opinion that caracals can survive for a very long time without water. They take in liquid through their food like other animals.

As they are very active at dawn and sunset, in ancient Iran and India they were considered as hunting animals.

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