The brave cat saves his family from a fire by biting his sleeping mistress

This is an adorable cat from a family that lives in Canada. The caring animal saved the lives of its four owners.

The family was able to escape from the fire during an awful fire thanks to this cute kitten.

When the fire broke out in the house, it was around three in the morning and the parents were sleeping peacefully with their children.

But one of the two cats was watching, perhaps the animal had a presentiment of the misfortune that was going to occur shortly afterwards.

According to the Edmonton Journal, smelling the smoke from the fire, the four-legged friend entered the couple’s bedroom and bit the mother of the family on the hand.

According to the Grande Prairie County Fire Department in Alberta, the cat acted in a very sensible way in waking up its owner and thanks to him the rescue was successful.

In a press release, the Grande Prairie County Fire Chief said a cat was able to alert the family to the danger

and all of the members arrived to escape unharmed from the Hellfire.

But the second cat was saved by firefighters.

“When firefighters from Clairmont, Dunes and Sexsmithse stations began to fight the fire, I arrived on the scene and I

captured the footage of the fire and the work of the rescuers,” freelance photographer William Vavrek told CBS News.

Vavrek also photographed the other cat being rescued by firefighters.

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