The amazing eagle parrot is the most unusual member of this colorful family.

Parrots are often associated with lively, talkative and loud people. But this colorful member of the family is definitely very eye-catching. The eagle parrot looks like an eagle! and is a majestic and impressive bird. It is proud, majestic, royal and colorful. Black and red, it’s a real flame!

The feathers of the eagle parrot are the color of tar. Their bright red plumage stands out against their black feathers, making them indistinguishable from other species. They are 50 cm long and weigh about 600 g. A rare species found only in New Guinea.

It has black plumage. Looks like it is made of black marble.

A rare and colorful member of the cockatoo family.

African gray parakeets (Psittacus), in particular, are known for their advanced cognitive abilities and ability to speak.

One of the reasons parrots are popular is that they can talk and chirp. Vocal ability varies from species to species. Some are loud, others are quiet. Some learn human languages, others can only speak the language of birds.

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