The 100-year-old great-grandmother celebrates her birthday on her great-granddaughter’s birthday

Proud grandma Vivian Thomas who lives in Lake Crystal, Minnesota is celebrating her 100th birthday. This means that her great-granddaughter Éloïse was born just after her grandmother turned 99.

The family threw a special party at Lake Crystal where Vivian has spent her entire life.

It was an unforgettable day, full of happiness for the whole family and all the guests.

Blessed Vivian Thomas had the good fortune to see the birth of a few generations.

The lovely couple captivated the American media. Photos shared with FOX 9 by Elijah Dahl show the one-year-old in the arms of her 100-year-old grandma.

These are truly historic photos. Both have an adorable and delightful smile.

This is the second jubilee that Vivian Thomas is celebrating and it is a truly fantastic event, especially the amazing coincidence of two anniversaries.

The grandmother remembers her youth and her past years.

She is moved and all the participants were very impressed. Eloise, sitting on her knees, is too small to understand what is happening.

But she is very happy and very happy to find herself in the arms of her great-grandmother.

Speaking of her longevity, Vivian Thomas says there are no secrets. Everything is very simple, she never smoked, used alcohol and ate only healthy food.

May little Éloïse spend many wonderful years with her grandmother!

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