Madonna shares rare photos with her adult son on his birthday

Madonna posted on Instagram* photos from her son Rocco’s birthday party of her ex-husband, director Guy Ritchie. On August 11, Rocco turned 22.

A few days after Rocco’s birthday, Madonna herself celebrated her 63rd birthday on August 16.

Rocco’s family celebrated his birthday with a candlelit dinner, the mood was created by guest musicians. For Rocco, they prepared an unusual cake in the form of a brown briefcase with the initials RC covered in golden glaze.

In the comments, the singer’s fans noted that the son is a faithful copy of his father.

Like his parents, Rocco will also become famous. now he tries his hand at modeling. Previously, it was also known that he had become an artist. Rocco’s paintings sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Madonna and Rocco’s father, Guy Ritchie, divorced in 2008. Previously, the singer had a complicated relationship with his son. Rocco moved in with his father and wrote under the singer’s videos on Instagram* that he’s glad he no longer lives with her. In 2017, Madonna managed to establish a relationship with her son.

The singer has six children in total. parents Lourdes and Rocco and four adoptive parents – David, Mercy James and twins Stella and Esther.

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