Every day the orphaned fawn came to the field to meet the mare because he considered her his mother.

These admirable photos were captured by artist Chinara Djumanalieva from Harlow, Essex County, UK.

Chinara likes to paint animals, but lately she has taken a keen interest in photography and she visits nature reserves to take pictures of animals.

While walking in the fields, the 53-year-old mother of three noticed that every day an orphaned fawn visited the

domestic horses and stayed with them all day.

The baby snuggled up against the mother mare and they exchanged caresses gently.

The mare’s three foals were less than a year old, meaning they were the same age as the fawn, and Chinara believed that the horses took on the responsibility of protecting the fawn.

The little deer considered the mare his mother and a bond of deep love developed between the fawn and the mare.

Chinara noticed that the baby deer came out of the woods every morning and stayed next to its foster mom until evening.

And each time, the horses welcomed him warmly as one of the family and the mare cared for him like her own child.

“I see him joining the horses every morning. All the horses are so kind to the little deer. They are also patient and protective and supportive,” Chinara told Dailymail.

Once the woman saw a man walking by with a dog.

And when the dog barked, the frightened fawn ran to its mother mare for safety.

“It’s something really beautiful. I was amazed at this mutual attachment and watching these creatures cuddle.

Everyone who has seen the photos is completely impressed,” explained Chinara Djumanalieva.

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