Donut, the cat, was looking for a new home, but he was very fat. So much so that they demanded cruelty from the new owners

Good kittens should be fed a lot, but not too much, so as not to harm the health of the animal. If a cat exceeds its maximum weight, it should be put on a diet. Donut arrived at the volunteers after the disappearance of its owner. Donut arrived at the Jacksonville shelter as a 12-pound cat in need of a new home and veterinary advice.

Meet Donut, the biggest cat in the world. It weighs 5.5 kg. Donut is looking for an owner and a home that will adhere to a strict diet. We know gaining weight makes you look pretty, but it’s not good for your health. The new family needs to contact their veterinarian to make sure Donut is losing weight at the right pace. Do you think you are suitable? So come see Donut.

Look who’s enjoying life here with their new family. Donut, now called Ziggy, has started to get used to his new home, but his owners are happy to have this new addition to their family. He gets along well with his cat siblings and has even attracted attention by jumping on chairs. Her new owner says: “We are so happy to have her. We had to say goodbye to the charms of Donut. She will soon lose weight and become a normal, healthy cat.

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