A white-haired woman decides to change her look to surprise her husband.

Over time, many women begin to pay less attention to themselves. Work, housework, children, grandchildren…… Many women do not have enough time for themselves. As a result, they begin to have a bad image.

Every woman should remember that time for her is for her family. Confident, sleepy, happy women can be a positive and uplifting influence on their husbands and children, work productively, and enjoy cooking great meals.

Mary Johnson neglected her appearance. One day, however, she realized that her husband no longer compliments her and no longer cares about her. She decided to go to a stylist – she was 60, life was ahead of her.

The stylist quickly decided that the woman deserved a new face and a glamorous look. The client just wanted her hair to be shortened, cropped and darkened, but the stylist decided to give her a complete makeover.

Christopher Hopkins is a true master of transformation. In his hands, any woman can become a beautiful woman!

To help Mary regain her confidence, the stylist decided to do more than just cut, color and style her hair. She decided to complete the image of a vibrant and confident woman!

Christopher cut and shortened the client’s hair and textured it to create beautiful volume with simple styling. He chose a beautiful copper color and applied a balayage dye. This vibrant color pairs perfectly with the blonde’s wheat hue and adds a beautiful color to her skin and eyes.

Mary’s husband and children were left speechless when they saw the stylish beauty, dressed up to replace their tired mother. She looks 20 years younger!” And.

Mary herself looked closely in the mirror and could not take her eyes off this elegant woman.

New face, new life. She came out of the salon not like a tired and depressed pensioner, beaming and smiling.

Whatever their age, women must take the time to show off and have fun!

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