A homeless man risks his life to save animals from a fire

In life, there is always a place for achievement, even if a person does not look and live as they should by society’s standards.

Today’s story is about a man who has no roof over his head, no job, and sometimes no food, but still has a very big and kind heart. At the risk of his life, he rescued animals from a burning shelter.

At the end of December last year, a fire broke out in one of Atlanta’s animal shelters. And before any of the workers knew it, homeless Kit Walker threw himself into the fire and started saving all the pets.

Kit has lived on the streets for over thirty years. He couldn’t find a roof over his head, which was his main problem, but he never complained about it. His dog’s name was Bravo, which he periodically took to the local shelter for a night. That evening, when the fire broke out, Bravo was to spend the night there….

The kitchen caught fire and the firefighters who responded to the call put it out. But they could not help the animals, according to the existing protocols, they were not entitled to it since there were designated services for the animals. Before anyone could think what to do, Walker ignored all the rules and rushed into the dugout.

Smoke filled his breath, but still he carried all the animals out into the street, one by one.

Fortunately, all the animals survived and were moved to a new building. The shelter is currently under renovation. Kit Walker and his dog Bravo are always welcome here.

The shelter staff have already organized a fundraiser for their new home, so they have their own roof over their heads.

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