When a rescued dog touches grass for the first time, it reacts as cheerfully as possible.

Thousands of purebred dogs have been rescued from suffering and heartbreak since the Virginia breeding facility where they were raised closed.

Sami is one of the dogs that will benefit from a fresh start in life. Like other shelter dogs, he has been deprived of the most basic cuddles of a puppy all his life.

Today, however, is different.

Last Thursday, Karen Schrader and her family took Sami in and gave her a home. They quickly discover that Sami knows no compassion and that the world need not be a dangerous place.

Schrader said: “She was quite shy the first day, but got a bed in our family room. He didn’t want to move more than a few feet from the bed.

However, Sami soon discovered the lush green grass outside. It was the first time he had touched the grass.

On Saturday, Schrader insisted she catch a ball while humming.

Sami was delighted.

He had been absorbed in the joys of the breeding center. Now he had everything.

Sami went from a sad and shy dog ​​to a happy and energetic pup within days. Schrader was thrilled that his adopted dog had grown up so well.

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