The Irwin family rescued and protected over 90,000 animals, most of whom were injured during wildfires in Australia

These young people are the offspring of the Irwin family whose members have dedicated their lives to the prosperity of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Their father Steve, a famous documentary filmmaker who had died in an accident, loved his native country. He was a great lover of nature and his faithful protector.

In 2006 Steve was killed by a stingray while working on an underwater documentary film.

His cameraman said the famous television personality had been stung by the stingray several times.

Since the facility’s founding, the Irwin family has protected and cared for over 90,000 animals, most of which suffered from wildfires in Australia.

Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi wrote on social media.

“My heart was grieved because of this terrible fire which destroyed the fauna and flora of the country.

Fortunately, Australia Zoo is safe. He is far from the fire and our organization is taking care of the affected animals and we have officially treated about 90,000 animals. »

Bindi posted another post where she installed the photo of the Blossom opossum that they had saved from the fire, but unfortunately did not survive.

She also spoke of the courage and dedication of their team who are doing everything possible to save animals from the horrific fire.

Bindi Irwin also explained that every day was a struggle for their team, which struggled to rescue innocent animals who have no possibility of defending themselves.

Since Steve Irwin’s accident, his children have protected and developed what their parents created to help and rescue animals in need.

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